Solar City Review & All About The Ambassador Program

solar city reviewClean energy sources are no wonder for most people. Solar power is perhaps one of the most popular sources of this type of energy but a lot of people are still on debate whether or not financing on solar energy is worth the investment and the risk.

Perhaps the doubt is due to the fact that most people do not know about the many benefits of solar energy. Then there’s also the matter of choosing what solar company provider to trust and how reliable they are in providing solar energy. Now here comes Solar City.

What Is Solar City?

Solar City is America’s largest provider of solar energy that has grown since its founding in 2006. Its founders, Lyndon Rive and Peter Rive, started a revolution of clean and better energy source by providing solar power not just to commercial businesses, non-profit and government organizations but also to schools and homeowners.

What makes them different from other providers is that they are not a one-size fit all solar energy provider. In short, they make switch very simple for their clients and deliver what they promise – a better and cleaner energy where the customer gets total control over their energy costs.

Solar City Innovative Programs : Become A Solar Ambassador

Solar city employs high quality standards when it comes to installing their systems for their clients. With over 75 operation centers in 19 states, they have assembled their fair share of solar energy project designs as well as numerous installations.

They show their efficiency by taking a comprehensive look at each client’s energy usage and identifying the key components for improvements. This is why each solar power system is unique to every home or commercial project that they take as they do the entire process of taking permits, going through the installation, monitoring, and providing repair. Solar City also guarantees the electricity production of their solar energy systems and is the only company that offers client a business opportunity.

If you wish to go solar, all you have to do is get a customized quote from Solar City for free, sign the agreement, let their engineers design your solar ambassador panel system, schedule the day you want the system to be installed, and enjoy the many benefits of using clean energy through solar power.

Is there A Business Opportunity?

Aside from offering an affordable and clean energy source, Solar City offers its client a business opportunity by buying stocks. If you are interested in investing in their company, all you have to do is contact your broker or financial advisor and talk to one of their efficient and friendly customer service representative.

All in all, choosing Solar City over other solar energy providers would be a very good choice. One, Solar City do not rely on old systems but keeps expanding and innovating with existing and proven technologies and developing them. If you’re looking for an efficient company that allows for unique installation and caters to a wide number of permitting requirements from different states, then Solar City definitely fits the bill. Most importantly, Solar City’s solar panel systems are guaranteed to perform so investing on the company wouldn’t be a waste of time but rather, a good move. Also you can become part of the solar ambassador program and take advantage of making commissions for referred customers.

A good testament to the fact that Solar City is worth your trust is that not only does it cater to tens of thousands of homeowners or hundreds of schools but that it also serves several government agencies like the Department of Homeland Security and U.S. Armed Forces as well as other reputable clients like eBay, Intel, HP, Walmart, and Walgreens.

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